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DAVID WILCOCK at'Dimensions of Disclosure'-August 25,2019 🔸




"...size doesn't exist and time doesn't exist.All past present and future moments exist simultaneously in this geometric pattern(the Merkaba).That's very trippy.The Merkaba is one of the most basic patterns of vibration.So,if there is only one shape that the whole Universe is made from,we can make it out of vibration.And that means the Universe itself is made out of vibration,which means it becomes a lot more important to incorporate vibration into your spiritual practice.Sacred drumming,sacred chanting,listening to music;music that uplifts you,this is actually crystallizing your soul.




We've now got scientists capturing photons on an individual level.They know exactly what those photons look like.And as they do this,this is the form they get(shows slide of a photon appearing as a Celtic cross).When we take this shape,which we know is what a photon looks like,and then we superimpose the Merkaba on top of it,what do you think is going to happen?They line up.