Beloved Ones,




I come on the wings of love! There is much that is happening upon your planet and it is the time for great discernment as the events take place. All that is taking place is not always as it seems. The winds of change are upon you, the inhabitants of this planet. Many new and innovative solutions are coming to the forefront in all aspects of human existence. As the influence of the increased energies continues, the old will continue to lose its grip on the personal and planetary events that have been occurring. New choices and decisions will be made that will move all life forward to a new beginning, to a new way of living. This way will respect the concerns of the populace as they work together in unity to create a world that is beneficial for all.




Many systems are already being changed where necessary and are being adjusted to the current times. More and more people are speaking up and claiming their God given rights, they are claiming the sovereignty of their person and their communities and culture to live their lives in a better way where they are free to make choices that will have an impact on their daily life. They will continue to persist in their efforts until success is achieved. When the many gather together as one, amazing accomplishments can occur! Those who do this by working with energies understand that the changes are wrought in the etheric realms first which then filter through to the physical reality. This will continue until the Earths frequency rises to a higher octave at which time working with energy will become an instantaneous occurrence.




Before this can happen, the individual personal mastery of each person must be manifested from within them.The emotional body must be cleansed and brought into a state of harmony and balance in order to be effective. The individual must be fully integrated and in harmony with all their higher aspects in a unified field of resonance with the Divine. This is the great work that is now occurring and it is certainly very challenging for each person to let go of former patterns of thinking and behaviour that keep them in old limitation constructs. The energies that are coming into the Earth’s atmosphere are helping each individual to loosen and let go of unhappy events that occurred in the past in order that they may become more empowered in their current now moment.




The sooner this release happens, the greater the Light within them grows and expands their consciousness to higher levels of perspective. Thinking and acting in lower density ways becomes something that is not engaged in during their daily activities. Their focus becomes God oriented, living in resonance with the Divine aspects of their own eternal being. This becomes their focus and intent in all aspects of their life and many positive and powerful changes first begin to take place within them and then are experienced in the world around them. Many amazing synchronicities occur and these become seen, comprehended and acknowledged when the individual becomes aware of them.Life takes on the element of magic and wonder as they walk their path in life.




The more attuned they become to the Divine perspective in all things, the more these occurrences take place.They experience grace and ease in all that happens in their life; others in their sphere of influence are also affected by the peace, harmony and joy that the individual emits and seek to emulate that existence within themselves and they in turn, affect others in their sphere of influence and so the impact of these changes continues into the entire collective of humanity until all life resonates at the higher levels of consciousness. This brings about a happier way of life for all beings living upon the planet and enables a greater trust that there is goodness all around them that loves and supports them in always at all times.




I AM St. Germain





通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan




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