Dear Ones, comfort is your natural state of being. You came from the energies of Home through the womb, both of which are places that support your comfort and well being. As babies, you expect comfort and will cry to have your needs met and to move back into that natural state of being.




So how do you expand and experience comfort? By staying present. By listening to what your needs are and giving them to yourself. By not creating discomfort for yourself through the energetic overlays of fear, doubt, worry, and resistance. By trusting and flowing, knowing that wellness and wholeness are your preferred states and you will always redirect back into them. By acknowledging all the things that support your comfort that are already in place and serving you.




Every profound energetic shift supports your expansion but then will seek integration so you can be comfortable in that new expanded state of beingness. You navigate great change one Now moment at a time. By doing so it will never, ever be more than you can handle and you will always ultimately find your way back into comfort. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan




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