12:21 was a historical cosmic event as the highest recorded levels of 5d, 40 hertz, gamma light bombarded planet earth!





the grand event and the epic light wave foretold of old has now entered this world!




the event and the solar flash/wave are both a personal inward experience and a starseed collective physical, outwardly perceived experience!




12:22 is the first day of a new world dear ones where freedom, abundance, health, joy and love will be our collective state of being on planet earth!




5d/heaven energy is fully here now and to experience it fully you must simply just start being the 5d being that you are! it's important to ask, "how would the higher being be?" and start being this now!




do not be concerned about turning back now because you can't! the lower vibrational 3d matrix portal is closing as we speak and nothing can reverse this process. you must look only forward now with all of your being and keep your focus solely on you!




we are all leaving the lower things behind now as we return to our bright wonderful new home in heaven on earth!




you are the sole creator of what you see so only see beauty from this moment forward!




powerful high frequency light is permeating every dark space of the old 3d matrix and the outward reality of this space will now begin to change into the heaven you have reached for.




lower energies absolutely can no longer exist where we are and those will all fade out of this new world quickly now!




everything my celestial guides have communicated to me has come to pass and they said, "sit back and watch now as the old harmful 3d matrix disintegrates into oblivion!" furthermore they said, " do not be troubled or moved by any of it as it fades away and watch as every bit of it is replaced with a new 5d way of being!"




i fully trust in these higher beings and i fully trust in myself!




i assure you that you can trust in all of this the same way!




today we begin anew transforming this entire realm into the paradise it was always meant to be!




great honor to pleiadian light forces, the grand high council, the earth alliance, the white brotherhood, the resistance movement, the white dragons society and 4.5 billion incredible light beings stationed on the ground crew that changed the energy of this realm by shear will power and great strength!




guides close and say, " just sit back now, watch the news and prepare for a wonderful global freedom celebration that the earth has never seen!"




通灵:Michael Love

翻译:Nick Chan








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