Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self, with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I connect now with the vibration of Guan Yin and the following message comes forth.




Beloved Children




I come forth at this hour to offer you greater reassurance that we are working with you all at this time in this momentum upon your Earth. I come forth with love and compassion to all humanity at this time and to reassure you all that we are working with all Nations to bring forth a greater sense of balance and harmony.




For in the sphere of Higher Light there is no division of Nations, Race, Culture, Gender and Religion. This only sets to serve many Souls upon your Earth that are still searching for the light within.




I come forth at this hour as an aspect of the Divine Mother to anchor the Energy of Healing and to activate you upon reading my message of Love and Compassion.




The Daughters of the Phoenix hath risen, Daughters your mission hath been accomplished forthwith and it is now time to embrace and empower the Sons of Righteousness as they take their rightful places at your side bringing forth a greater sense of Love and Balance upon your Earth.




Transformation is the key in this now time as you radiate your Light forthwith. As you Transcend your Consciousness to a Higher Light you shall be granted unto thee the Pearls of Wisdom to carry you forth upon the next step of your Journey and it is with the Pearls of Wisdom it has been granted unto thee as you embrace the paths through the gates of higher wisdom, you shall be equipped to serve humanity at a much greater scale.




Be ready now upon the reading of this message to receive unto thee the Pearl of Wisdom upon the Sacred Lotus within your Heart.




Many sounds radiate forth from the Universe connecting with many Souls at a deep level as we use these Sacred Sounds to facilitate a greater sense of healing. Many Ascended Souls upon your planet hear these Sounds and place them into a greater sense of practice to educate and to heal.




For at the heart of my bosom is the Mercy I show for many Souls that come forth to receive healing at this time.




Radiance and Light pours forth upon you all as you step into the new. Many Souls upon this hour are receiving the Energy from the Great Central Sun in order to Transcend Consciousness.




Allow this beam of Light to pour forth into your Hearts and as you anchor fully this beautiful Light allow your selves to shift There is a magnetic surge taking place upon your Earth and with this surge it will allow you to link further into the crystaline grid of consciousness - the 5th Dimension Paradigm.




Feel this vibration that is all around you. There may be aspects of it that feel even more comfortable to you now because your own energies are shifting into a crystalline vibration. As you experience this vibration you shall experience the Higher Sense of Love.




I leave you with love and compassion for I AM GUAN YIN





翻译:Nick Chan




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