This is the article that should put a FULL STOP to ALL of your questions regarding "when" exactly the event is going to happen. Because, good news folks! "The Event" is happening and well ahead in progress as we speak! Yes, I get it; you probably don't believe this one bit. So please be patient and allow me to present my case at least! You can always reject it later if this information does not resonate with you! So here we go!




First, let us check out what some of our off-world sources have said about The Event. Adronis, an extraterrestrial Syrian entity channelled by Brad Johnson had said long back in this video as well as this video indicating that "The Event" has already begun. The Galactic Federation (channelled by noted psychic Blossom Goodchild had clearly revealed long ago (way back in June 2018) these very indicative words: "You have crossed the finish line."


首先,让我们来看看一些通灵管道是如何谈论事件的。 Adronis ,由 Johnson 通灵的一个外星生命,曾经在以下两个视频中(译注:出于各种限制就不发了,太麻烦了)表示“事件”已经开始。银河联邦(由 Blossom Goodchild 通灵,早在 2018 6 月的信息中就在象征性的话语中揭示:“你已经跨越终点线”





But some of the most clear words regarding The Event have come through most recently from "The Council", a collective consciousness channelled by Ron Head. And therein, they have truly clarified many important things in many ways in this article published by them right here.


但关于事件最清楚的话语是来自最近的“委员会”,由 Ron Head 通灵的一个集体意识。他们在这篇信息中(译注:委员会 20181007 来回答一些问题 - Ⅵ,微信用户请直接点击名称,其他平台的请搜索)澄清了许多重要的东西



The biggest thing that The Council has clarified is information regarding "The Event Flash", a supposed flash of light from the sun that would signify the beginning of "The Event". As many of you spiritual/metaphysics folks may have already discovered by now, a lot of the information coming in from the higher dimensions is "symbolic" in nature, our dreams being an excellent example of the same. What The Council says here is indeed something on similar lines. They remind us that the words/prophecy: "The Event will happen in a flash" is to be taken symbolically or metaphorically as "The Event will happen in such a short time, it would be as if everything happened in "a flash"". This DOES NOT necessarily mean that a solar flash won't occur at all, but that regardless of whether a solar flash occurs or not, that "The Event" would happen so quickly that it would be as if it was over "in a flash". THAT is what it really means!


委员会澄清的最大的一件事就是关于“事件闪光”的信息,一道来自太阳的闪光会标志着“事件”的开始。正如许多灵修 / 形而上学的伙伴可能已经发现的,大量来自更高维度的信息本质上是“象征性”的,我们的梦境就是一个很好的例子。委员会所说的确实是相关的事情。他们提醒我们的话语 / 预言:“事件会在一个闪光中发生(又译一瞬间)”可以象征意义地理解或隐喻为“事件会在非常短的时间内发生,好似一切都在‘一个闪光 / 一瞬间’发生”。这并不一定意味着一个太阳闪光 / 闪耀不会发生,但不管它发不发生,“事件”会非常快速地发生,好似在“一个闪光 / 一瞬间”就完成了。这就是他们话语的含义


For those of you following the news, you all would have realized by now that certain political, geopolitical, geographical and other events have recently accelerated TREMENDOUSLY, and so have certain forms of disclosures. Be it geographical changes, political changes (like the Kavanaugh judicial appointment in the US and the media controversy surrounding it [usually, when the elite controlled media paints something in the negative, it is usually a positive development]) and mass bannings and censorings of Alex Jones, QAnon followers and so on and so forth; all of these events greatly suggest that the establishment is shattering and disclosures are occurring at an incredible pace. Same with the #MeToo movement. Same with paedophilia and sexual harassment being exposed in many religious institutions and the like across the globe and so on. Irrefutable evidence of "The Event" being underway is everywhere you look by now.


对于你们那些跟随消息的人,你们都已经意识到一些政治、地缘政治、地理和其他事件(复数)最近被极大地加速,以及一些揭露的形式。无论是地理变化还是政治变革(比如在美国, Kavanaugh 法官的任命以及媒体对此的争论【通常,当精英控制的媒体描绘负面的东西,它通常就是一个积极的发展】)以及封禁和审查 Alex Jones QAnon 的跟随者等等等等。所有这些事件(复数)强力地表明结构在粉碎,揭露在惊人的速度中发生。就像 #MeToo movement 。就像恋童癖和性骚扰在许多宗教体系中被曝光,在全球范围内被曝光等等。“事件”不可反驳的证据在你看向的每个地方


Basically, The Event has already begun and is well underway, and a lot of the evidence as seen through global events and the like appears to very powerfully support this idea. Yes, it might not necessarily match the descriptions of what The Event is "supposed to look like" as provided to you by certain messengers claiming to be of the light; but then again it is up to you to discern as to whether they are telling you the truth or not. All said and done, what you have always "waited for" seems to have finally begun so it is now only a matter of time before all of the dominoes fall at an intense pace. And then, much like The Council puts it, "The Event will be over in A FLASH". Sure, it may appear to take a few years of time from a linear time perspective but it will most certainly reach its culmination soon. To put it simply, this is the exact time that you all have always waited for. Experiencing this particular time period is the very reason you were all born here. So rejoice, for "The Event" is finally here and upon us!


基本上,事件已经开始,正在进行,大量的证据可以通过全球事件(复数)看到,强力地支持这个想法。是的,这可能并不符合事件“应该是什么样”的描述,就像一些声称从属于光的信使所提供的。但话又说回来,取决于你去辨别他们说的是真的还是假的。总而言之,你一直在“等待”的看似终于开始,所以现在,在所有的多米诺骨牌在疯狂的速度中倒下之前只是一个时间问题。然后,就像委员会所说,“事件会在一个闪光 / 一瞬间完成”。当然,从线性时间的角度这可能需要几年的时间,但肯定很快就会到达它的高潮。简而言之,这就是你们一直在等待的时刻。体验这个特定的时期就是你们诞生的原因。所以欢喜,因为“事件”终于到来,降临于我们!


It is hoped that this message benefits you in some way.




Aseim out.


翻译:Nick Chan




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