What we suggest you do is to begin filtering everything, yes everything, through your heart. Your heart is your connection to your highest version of yourself. It is also your connection to us. Your heart has access to a knowing that your brain never will. You will most likely ‘hear’ its advice as feelings. If you read, listen, and decide based on what your heart is feeling, and if you do not over-ride that with your intellect, that will be discernment. And it will not lead you wrong. If ever you think it did, think back and see if you did not follow that feeling after all.




In these times ahead, it will be important to you and to those around you, for you to be able to choose wisely and well. Continue to develop your inner knowing. And if ever you are not sure, ask us. We are always right there with you. And is our pleasure to help. You will ‘hear’ the answer in your feelings. You will know. ~ The Council


在前方的这些时刻,去明智地选择对你和你周围的人来说非常重要。继续发展你的内在知晓。如果你不确定,请问我们。我们总是在你身边。我们很高兴来帮助。你会在你的感受中“听到”答案。你会知晓。 ~ 委员会


通灵:Ron Head

翻译:Nick Chan





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