[Osho asks a visitor if he has anything to say, and he replies: Just one word -- yes!]






This is the right way to become a sannyasin! Just look at me.... Good! Yes has become so difficult for the modern mind. If one can say yes, then one has almost arrived, because the very courage to say yes is enough.




The fearful mind always says no; in a thousand and one ways it goes on saying no.




It may not exactly say no, but it will say, 'I will think' or 'I am not ready right now,' or 'The time will come,' or 'There are a few problems that I still have to settle.' These are just tricks, strategies, of pretending yes and saying no.




No is always cowardly, because through no you go on shrinking. The no brings more and more ego: one day you are left alone like an island.




Yes is expansive: you start expanding and become a continent. To say yes is to become a theist. It is not necessary to say yes to God -- just to say yes to life, to existence is enough. Yes is the only prayer there is. Much is going to happen out of this jump.




Just go on saying yes. Drop as many nos as possible and turn as many nos as possible into yes. Let this be your secret key, and the day will come when your whole life will be full of yes-ness.




译自:OSHO The Open Door



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