Dear Ones,




You are experiencing the energies of Resolution/Revaluation/Resurrection.




So much is happening within and around you - your heads are literally spinning. As are your Hearts - go to your Heart for the answers you are seeking, out there. You will only ever find the TRUTH - within. Hand on your heart, take a breath, ask the question - in the stillness is your answer.


非常多的东西在你之内和周围发生 --- 使得你头晕目眩。你的心也一样 --- 在心中寻找你所寻求的答案。在内在你只能发现真理。把手放在心上,深呼吸,询问问题 --- 在寂静中蕴藏着你的答案


TRUST yourselves Dear Ones, YOU have it all - you have just forgotten your own innate abilities - we are here to remind you once again.


相信自己,亲爱的一们,你拥有着一切 --- 你只是忘记了你固有的能力 --- 我们前来再次提醒你


Everything is changing - nothing will remain of the old world/old YOU in these incredible times. YOU know this!!! Yet you still try to hold onto the “old,” the familiar. You watch as it crumbles in your hands and flows out like sand, until you stand there bare. Let it go Dear Ones - embrace the new, the all you have ever asked for, new!!!!


一切都在改变 --- 没什么可以在这些惊人的时刻保持住旧的世界 / 旧的你。你知道这一点!但你依旧试图紧抓“旧的”,熟悉的。你看着它在你手中瓦解,像沙子一样流逝,直到你赤裸裸地站在那里。放下它,亲爱的一们 --- 拥抱新的,你一直所请求的,新事物!


This month of September 2018 be prepared:


这个月, 2018 年的 9 月,做好准备:


Remember these words, as much is about to unfold, and this month is pivotal in that unfoldment.




Over many past messages we have given you preparation for what is about to be.




Nothing can fully prepare you for the amount or content of the ‘TRUTHS’ that will unravel.




This is why you came.




Those reading and sharing these words are “being prepared.” You volunteered to step forward to assist those who have no idea, what is about to be unleashed.




Everyone is in their perfect place and time - no judgement.


每个人处于他们完美的境地和时机 --- 没有评判


You are only partially prepared Dear Hearts - many lifetimes have brought you to this knowledge and to prepare you to stand with your Sisters and Brothers as their mouths fall wide open in wonderment/dismay/joy/disbelief - every known emotion will be experienced in these coming weeks, months. As time moves forward NOTHING will ever be the same again on this Planet.


你只是部分准备好了,亲爱的心 --- 许多的生世带你到达这个知识,让你准备好与你的兄弟姐妹站在一起,随着他们的嘴巴在惊奇 / 惊慌 / 喜悦 / 难以置信中大开 --- 所有已知的情绪会在未来的几周,几个月被体验到。随着时间的推进,没什么会再是相同的


You will not be able to un-know what you will come to know as the TRUTH. You will become fully conscious of being conscious and awake with ALL the implications of that.




You have pleaded for this information to be released, you have worked tirelessly to set up the circumstances of what is to unfold.




Tip of the Iceberg Dear Ones.




But as the House of Cards crumbles, as you pick up the pieces of debris left behind YOU will create the New Beginnings you have begged for.




As with all New Beginnings there will be times of confusion BUT this is what you have trained for - YOU will be assisting your Sisters/Brothers of the LIGHT, TO THE NEW PATH you are ALL creating.


就像所有的开始,会有困惑的时间,但这就是你为之做好准备的 --- 你会去协助你的光之兄弟姐妹,到达你们都在创造的新地球


Those attributes of PEACE, PROSPERITY and WELLNESS are the building blocks of this New Earth. Created in LOVE, Created with LIGHT - the darkness has diminished - only LIGHT PREVAILS.


那些平和、繁荣与福祉属性是新地球的基石。在爱中创造,伴随着光创造 --- 黑暗已经衰弱 --- 只有光盛行






You, All Humanity and the Earth.




All in preparation for the most incredible transformation.




You, All Humanity and the New Earth.




Exciting, magnificent, wondrous times to be “present” on the Earth, Dear Warriors of Light.




We Called - YOU came.


我们呼唤 --- 你前来


You have moved beyond what was EVER thought possible in such a relative space in time.




You certainly are revered in the Universe Dear Souls, and these times will be recounted in moments to come.




Dear Ones, it is asked of YOU to hold out your hands eagerly to give comfort and support at this most challenging of times.




Open your Hearts wide. Your capacity to hold love has multiplied, the veil has lifted and you are feeling that within every cell of your Be-ing.




Be at Peace, Dear Hearts for all that is unfolding, in perfect time.




Be brave like the ground breakers you came to be.




Holding your hands and hearts as always Dear Ones.








通灵:Leslie-Anne Menzies

翻译:Nick Chan







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