This started last night, and massive clearings continue today. For some it may have started three days ago with the inTENSE SOULar activations that occurred through reverse polarity geomagetics. It was POWERful to say the least! We went from extreme hunger and can’t get enough to eat/ bloating, to zero appetite/release! Sinus pressure and runny nose in the early AM with spontaneous sneezing. Stomach upset- nausea, cramping, bowel release, frequent urination.


(此文发布于 8 29 日)它在昨晚开始,大量的清理在今天继续。对于一些人来说,它也许是从三天前开始的,伴随着强烈的灵魂 / 太阳神经丛激活,通过逆转极性发生。它是强大的!我们从极端的饥饿,吃不饱,到没有食欲!静脉窦(鼻腔)的压力和流鼻涕,早期还会伴随着自发的打喷嚏。胃部不适、恶心、抽筋、尿。


Stay hydrated with water/healthy drinks. Recommend keeping foods to a minimum today- no toxins/GMOs, it will exasperate symptoms. No sweets or sugars.


多喝水与健康的饮品。建议在今天将食物量保持最低 --- 不要摄取毒素 / 转基因,它会恶化症状。不要摄取糖或甜食


When shifts hit the stomach, (solar plexus) clearings are ocurring- free will/will power/sovereignty to follow. Many times SOULar Plexus chakras clearings are tied to our inner child and past hurts, or where someone in the past that hurt your feelings rise to clear/understand (their perspective)/forgive/release/let go. When this occurs it creates a new open line of quantum understanding/unconditional love.


当转变冲击腹部,(太阳神经丛)清理发生 --- 自由意志 / 意志力 / 主权紧随其后。很多时候,灵魂 / 太阳神经丛的清理与我们内在孩童和过去的伤痛捆绑,或者过去别人对我们的伤害会出现来被清理 / 理解(从他们的视角) / 宽恕 / 释放 / 放下。当这发生,它会创造一个新的量子理解 / 无条件之爱



Quantum smell tied to etherics on the rise as physical nasal cavity clears.




Rest/hydrate are key as molecular spin increases withIN! Focus/concentration are nill today. Work in 3D may be a challenge today. Update as we go!


放松 / 多喝水是关键,随着分子在内在的旋转增加!专注 / 专心在今天是不情愿的。在 3D 中工作也许是一个挑战。更新,随着我们前进


PS- Beginning to notice parallel timelines overlapping as one will collapse, one will anchor. You may see double texts with the same text, or repeat comments on your social media that say the same thing.




Much love, Tiffany Stiles


大量的爱, Tiffany Stiles


翻译:Nick Chan





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