[A sannyasin is returning to the West. He has been assigned a project to distribute Osho's books there, but he does not agree with the technical details of the way in which he has been asked to do it.]






Then don't do it. If you disagree....




No, then don't do it because that will be a burden on you; I don't want to create any burden. If you can do it happily, honestly... and you have to agree....




If you can't agree or agreeing makes you feel heavy, don't do it. No work is worth it if it makes you unhappy in any way; I will not suggest you do it.




So either surrender totally and then there is no problem.... Then whatsoever work is given to you you do it. There is no question of agreeing or disagreeing: you no more exist. Whatsoever work is allotted to you, you have to put your whole energy into it.




Agreeing, disagreeing is not the point. That is real agreement, when you don't need even to agree. But if that is not possible then it is better not to do it, mm? because that will create a conflict in you and no conflict is needed. Be happy, do whatsoever you feel like doing.




And it will take a little longer time for the ashram to move because we are still waiting for a few things. So whenever we are moving I will immediately inform you so you can come. But settle about the work before you leave. Either totally or not, no half-hearted measures, because I would not like you to be divided into two.




译自:OSHO The Open Door



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