We currently have Crystalline energies coming through making the skin itchy. Crystalline energy interfaces with the tiny magnetite crystals in our bodies Ive written about before.The Crystalline energies heat the magnetite crystals in the body, and they activate new meridian lines within attached to New Earth crystalline grid. They also create new neuropathways in the brain. You might experience little, tiny bumps that pop out on your palm (or anywhere on the body) that are extremely itchy. I have one of these right now on my right palm, and it feels like a mosquito bite, but its not. Ive had the same bump reocurr in the same exact place over the years when this energy comes through. (Ill place a pic in the comments section.) Last night my arms were itchy with a tingly scalp. Rashes may occur too with this energy. It is not uncommon.




We have the Full Moon in Capricorn right around the corner too. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn which has two sides; happy, peaceful, prosperous, or- gloomy, sulking, depressing. Saturn is ruled by the number 7 and the 7th Chakra, the Crown. This symbolizes our potential to connect to Universal Source, and a multi-dimensional state of omniscience. This is accomplished by becoming unaffected by the material challenges of life in a body. The Capricorn full moon will put a focus on work and relationships. Capricorns tend to be workaholics, so if you find yourself overworking, take forced breaks to stay in your now moment. Relationships are shifting again in our lives as this is a constant realignment process to only be surrounded by those who are a vibrational frequency match. As we increase further in frequency with each shift, our relationships go through a shift too. Last month we went through a re-evaluation process where we embraced our inner child, and took a good, hard look at the patterns in our lives revolving around relationships. As we approach the Lions Gate on 8-8, some rapid endings and new beginnings will occur. This is a most auspicious time to embrace new love into your life, and be open to a new pattern that is about to emerge for you in your life revolving around this person. It will be completely different from what youve been used to in the past. Try very hard not to fall back into old habits, and embrace a new way that is fresh, light and full of unconditional love. Leave any baggage in the past as by now, this should be healed and cleared from your Energetic space. And by doing so, you will attract an equal partner to you that is the same. You might be blown away by the similarities you both have with each other!




Psychic powers are becoming stronger by the day. Your Intuitive Guidance also on point! Dream state has also been very active over the past week with the subconscious coming forth to clear timelines, or karma.








Right after this, we have the Lions Gate portal on August 8th. 8-8-2018 = 27= 9. The number 9 revolves around completion, rapid endings and new beginnings. You can expect some rapid changes to occur that will force you into alignment if you have been ignoring your Intuitive Guidance, or the signs to willingly step into alignment.


在这之后,我们会在88日迎来狮子门. 2018/8/8=27=9  .数字9围绕着完结、快速的结束和新的开始。你可以期待一些快速的改变发生,会迫使你进入对齐,如果你一直在忽视你的直觉指引,或者迹象来愿意步入对齐






You may experience some muscle cramping with this energy too. Stay hydrated and some additional potassium helps either with foods, or in supplement form. Sleep is not consistent with bursts of energy coming out of nowhere, then SOULar winds bringing on sleepiness. Power naps help when you arent getting enough sleep at night. The eyes are hard to focus as the optical nerve is affected by these powerful energies too. And the itchiness with possible rashes may occur too.




We have a lot going on! Ill update as the energies shift. As always, please share in the comments section what you are experiencing.




Sending much love, light and blessings,Tiffany Stiles


发送大量的爱、光和祝福,Tiffany Stiles


翻译:Nick Chan





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