原创 2018-04-09 米拉 新纪元扬升之光

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: All is Moving Forward




Greetings,I am Mira from the Pleaidian High Council currently serving the Earth Council.



Igreet you today with all of the love in my heart. We are so impressed with thework that you are doing on the behalf of the ascension process. You are at yourbest.



Every day progress is being made. With your help, the darkforces are being rooted out of hiding and taking off of the planet wherethey can do no more harm. This process is huge and a couple of days ago wecompleted one of our biggest operations yet. It was carefully planned andskillfully executed much to their surprise. This success will allowfor increasingly complex operations to fully rid the planet of these beingsthat have well overstayed their welcome.



Theseoperations are happening with expedited regularity. It is untenable for thedark ones to be allowed on the planet much longer. They have done horrificthings that will no longer be tolerated. They will pay the price for what theyhave done. This we guarantee.



Aswe clear out this dark debris the planet will begin to feel more relaxed andpeaceful. You will notice the feeling of happiness and like the atmosphere haschanged. The fearful and anxious feelings that many have will evaporate. Thisis making way for the Day of Revelation (the Event).



Yourfinances will begin improve and you will learn to fully manifest what you need.Your faith will flower and your loving hearts will expand. You will be ready tolearn to live in love and unity the way the planet was originally designed tobe. No more intruders. The earth will be returned to the sacred planet that shewas in the beginning.



Likeyou, the earth has learned to set boundaries and not to tolerate disrespect orabuse. She is awakening to her new higher consciousness self. Isn’t itwonderful that you can join her in this journey? You are both honored to be inthis growth and learning cycle together.



Learnfrom the earth. Pay attention to what she is doing and showing you. She ispowerful beyond measure and so are you. Believe in yourselves and stand up forwhat is right. Know that you will get through the finals stages of removal ofthe darkness so you can live in the fifth dimension and progress with yourevolution.



Weare busy in the Earth Council monitoring all that is happening. The responseteams are well trained and are working diligently. We have your best interestsat heart.



Lovefrom all of us. I am Mira.









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