原创 2018-03-04 萨南达 新纪元扬升之光

Sananda via AnnDahlberg, March 3, 2018




I amSananda and I just want to tell you that you are highly loved dear children onEarth. You have gotten through a difficult time, but the fog will lift now abit. More and more are starting to see what it is that is happening in theirworld and they want to change the current reality to a reality that better fitshumanity and the planet they live on. They have understood that some actionsare required from themselves, but they are prepared to change their own worldto the benefit of themselves and others. They have understood that the worldthey live in is not a sustainable world for Earth and its people. A greatchange is needed in order for everything to live and continue to develop in thebest possible manner. They understand that it is not possible to continue toexploit Earth and that a whole new form of technology and thinking must beadded in order to save our world and ourselves from complete destruction. Lifeis more important than power and money. To save the planet and all life thatlives on it is a heroic act. It requires courage and responsibility. Itrequires that one opens up one’s heart and let love grow – The love for yourplanet, for all life that lives on it. There are many now who have opened theirhearts and let love stream out. They fight for their planet and the world theylive in. They want to help Mother Earth and humanity to ascend. They see whatis beautiful in Mother Earth’s nature environment, as well as in the heart ofpeople. They open up for a new day in humanity’s history and there are many whofollow them now.



There is astrong wind blowing over Earth today – A “sun-wind” that makes people’s hearttremble. They understand and feel that there is something that is happeningwithin themselves and the world they live in. Love particles are flying overEarth today and they attach themselves a little all over on people, animals andplants. The new era is approaching and there is no return back. You can justopen your hearts dear Earthlings. It is the most important work that you haveleft to do now. Love is swirling all around you and seeks to in all wayspossible open your innermost parts. Do not be afraid to open up your heart dearchildren. It is a gift from God that he loves you so dearly and wishes fornothing else than for you to open up your heart and take some small stepsforward. God’s embrace is wide and large and is open for everybody. God hasalways waited for your arrival and the joy is now great that Earth is on itsway home with all its beings.




Yourgalactic brothers and sisters give you much help now. They are here and helpyou all the time and try to tell you which path to follow. You have differentpaths so they whisper in your hearts. You have many guides and guardian angelsaround you now, so take the step home dear children. We long for you just asyou long for us. The steps are in your heart and you can step by step open yourheart’s door until it is wide open. It is then that you follow a clear pathinto the light to your new dimension of love and light. It will be a wonderfulreunion and old friends. You will receive all the guidance you need in order toyet again walk in the light. That which you have forgotten will come back – aflood of memories will return, but you will be surrounded by love and they willreappear as “gold copies”. The love you areheading towards dear children is a love far beyond your most wonderfulexperiences on Earth.




Love islife, love is all – love is the dissolution of all that has become dark andsad. Love is light, freedom, life itself – yes all that is. Where there is lovenothing is missing, it is full in itself.




I leaveyou now with much love in my heart. I let it shine over the Earth and thepeople who live there.










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