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Q Anon 更新】 2 21 日《推进的时间表》


Q Anon is back –and there is a real sense of urgency in the latest messages…


Q Anon 回来了 --- 在最新的信息中确实有着一个紧迫感 ...


Q Anon: ‘This is not a game.Protected code went live. Code signals clean. We are moving up the timetable…HOT in DC. No sleep. Stay tuned.’


Q Anon ‘这不是一个游戏。受保护的代码上线。代码信号通畅。我们在推进时间表 ... 华盛顿火热。没有睡眠。请继续关注’


The ca·bal are fighting very hard to stop Trump from releasing the GCR. They know that they are doo·med forever once humanity is libe·rated and pro·sperous.


陰谋集团在艰苦抗争川普释放 GCR 。他们知道只要人类解 放并繁荣,他们就永远完蛋了


We are moving up the timetable’could refer to anything, but it’s a positive phrase that certainly makes my heart sing. And if the Alliance is not sleeping in DC, it means they are working around the clock to free humanity. That makes my heart sing too.




As for the comments about me being a New Zealander, and having the cheek to talk about USA po·litics…I have been closely following the USA po·litical scene since Obama was first elected. I am a former journalist with a post graduate qualification in media studies so I have the skill and experience to be a commentator.


关于对我是新西兰人居然有脸谈论美国政治 的评论 ... 我从奥马巴首次当选以来就密切关注着美国政治 。我以前是个记者,有着媒体分析的研究生学位,所以我有能力和经验成为一个评论员


I am also in a unique position –I did not vote for either Hi·llary Cli·nton or Trump, therefore I can be objective in a way that USA citizens cannot. And Kiwi members of the IDC family will tell you that we New Zealanders have an avid interest in world events, probably because of our isolation. I Skype friends in USA every week and often tell them about pol·itical issues happening in their own country.


我还处于独特的位置中 --- 我没有投票给希拉里或川普,因此我可以客观地评论。 IDC 家族 Kiwi 成员会告诉你,我们新西兰人对世界事件有着一个狂热的兴趣,也许是因为我们的隔离。我每周都和美国的朋友连线,经常告诉他们发生在他们国家的政治问题


Jordan Sather reminds us that the party po·litical system is meaningless –there are ‘good’Dem·ocrats and ‘bad’Repu·blicans.I believe the entire world poli·tical structure will crumble before the end of this year. Fifth dimensional planet Earth will not be controlled by co·rrupt polit·icians ever again.


Jordan Sather 提醒我们政党的政治系统是无意义的 --- 有着“好”的民主党和“不好”的共和党。我相信今年结束之前整个世界的政治结构会崩塌。五维地球不会再被腐敗的政客掌控


So please sit back and enjoy the fascinating finale of The Greatest Show in the Universe. Order your tee shirt now: ‘I was on Earth during Ascension’!


所以请坐下来,享受宇宙中最伟大表演的迷人结局。现在去订购你的 T 恤:“在扬升期间我处于地球之上”


Love and Light




Sierra (proud NZer)



Q Anon 更新】 2 23 日《 2018 会是辉煌的》


KejRaj: This is another update from the entity known now as Q Anon. In this one he shares a list of the guilty ones and their crimes.Q Anon makes it clear that we now are IN the STORM. The calm is over.


KejRaj: 这是另一个 Q Anon 的更新。在这则信息中他分享了那些有罪的人以及他们的罪行。 Q Anon 清楚地表示我们正处于风暴中。宁静结束了


Hold on to your hats, folks. 2018 is going to be glorious.”


“抓稳你的帽子,伙计们。 2018 会是辉煌的”


All of these being investigated.




Uranium One. [Scandal]




Clin·ton Foundation [Vehicle of corr·uption]








Benghazi [Scandal]




Haiti [Theft of aid money, sex trafficking of Haitian children.]


海地(援助资金的盗窃,海地儿童的 xing 交易)


Whitewater [Scandal]




DOJ-FBI cor·ruption


DOJ-FBIfu bai


Cassandra [Operation Cassandra on Hezbollah finances allegedly interfered with]




Slush funds




NGOs [Non-Governmental Organizations]


NGOs (非正府组织)


Human Trafficking




Thousands of sealed indictments




PP [Pay for Play]


PP (付费游戏)




Awans [Fraud and espionage]


Huma [Abedin, wife of]


Wiener [Anthony]


DNC [Democratic National Committee]


DWS [Debbie Wasserman Schultz]


FISA scandal/judges


Hundreds of CEOs “stepping down.”


Hundreds of corrupt politicians/judges stepping d0wn/resigning/won’t run again/locked up, etc.


Assets frozen around the globe


Thousands (millions?) of children freed from traffickers


Human trafficking rungs busted all over globally


The list is endless


Sessions doing nothing!?!?”


You have to be blind, stupid, or a clown [Clowns-in-America = CIA]


On its way:


OIG Report [Office of Inspector General, report on “financial irregularities”]


Human Trafficking Report


Indictments unsealed


More revealing texts (and I suspect more deep state TOR chat logs with it)


Brennan investigated [Former CIA Director John Brennan]


Rice investigated [Susan Rice, President Obama’s national security advisor]


Obama investigated [Steve: I assert that Obama is innocent and will be vindicated]


Hillary indictment


Seth Rich investigation


Assange Wikileaks release of





The list [goes] on. Get excited. We ain’t seen nothing yet.


A day earlier, Q had offered this note of explanation:


一天前, Q 提供了这个注解:


Calm before the storm = Evidence collection


暴风雨前的宁静 = 收集证据


The Storm = Rounding up bad actors


风暴 = 围捕坏演员


Great Awakening = Evidence presented to judges and public


伟大的觉醒 = 证据呈现给法官和公众


At this moment we are actually in the STORM.





翻译:Nick Chan



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